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New Roof Construction, NYC 2022

New York, NY



Estimated Cost: $20,000


In 2022, a new roof construction project in New York City provided a historic townhouse with a robust and modern roofing system. The project began with the careful removal of the old, deteriorating roof, ensuring the underlying structure was intact and ready for the upgrade. The homeowners selected high-quality asphalt shingles for their durability, weather resistance, and classic aesthetic. The installation included state-of-the-art underlayment for added moisture protection and improved insulation to enhance the home's energy efficiency. Advanced ventilation systems were also integrated to ensure proper airflow and extend the roof's lifespan. The project was completed with meticulous attention to detail, including new flashing and gutters to ensure comprehensive water management. This new roof not only significantly improved the home's protection against the elements but also enhanced its curb appeal and overall value. The result is a durable, attractive roofing system designed to stand the test of time and New York's varied weather conditions.


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