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Bathroom Remodeling

New York, NY

Bathroom Remodeling


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This bathroom remodeling project transformed a dated and cramped bathroom into a modern, spacious oasis. The focus was on enhancing functionality while creating a serene and stylish environment. The project involved removing old fixtures, tiles, and cabinetry, addressing underlying plumbing and electrical issues, and collaborating with the clients to create a new layout maximizing space and natural light. Key features included a freestanding bathtub, a glass-enclosed shower, a double vanity with quartz countertops, energy-efficient LED lighting, and a heated floor system. Finishing touches included large-format porcelain tiles for a clean, seamless look and stylish accessories with a touch of greenery. The result is a harmonious blend of modern design and functional elegance. The clients are thrilled with their new bathroom, which now serves as a peaceful retreat in their home. They praised the professionalism and efficiency of the team throughout the entire process.


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